Wednesday, August 27, 2014

They are in Kindergarten at Last!!

Chase and Preston have made it! They started their first day of Kinder this past Monday, August 25th!  I chose to place them in seperate classrooms. I think this seperation will be goo for them to stat to be on their own. They are two diffetrent individuals and need to grow that way. They will see each other in the evenings, mornings and weekends. They still have RECESS together, P.E. and other things.  The boys seem to love their teachers too and have made a few new friends. I'm so very proud of them! It's been a long road coming.

I'm doing the happy dance right now thinking about how we are no longer paying Primrose School!! Hallelujah! We have so much more income to do as we please that's not tied up in that! We've already planned to pay off many of our remaining credit card debt and planning a Disneyland/Legoland vacation Spring Break next year!  Christmas won't be a poor Christmas and we can finally get that new flat screen! They are so cheap now!

I'm still loving my job here at the Marketing agency, Still trying to lose that now 25 lbs and just enjoying life and keeping busy with my kids sports! They've played it all! Currently they are playing flag football! :)

I never post anymore. Stop having time and I figured no one was reading, but me.  So here are a few pictures of their first day and a basketball photo from this summer. Chase loves him some basketball!!

Wednesday, August 07, 2013

Life is a Beach, I'm just playing in the sand.

I love my boys. They are difficult and they drain all my energy, but they are soooo cute! I love their little cute voices.. Not looking forward to their voices changing, but that's a long ways off!

We are keeping them really busy this fall. They are continuing swim lessons, but a new facility called AquaTotas. They are national and are opening up a new one by my home in mid September. So they will be doing Swim once a week on Fridays starting Sept 20th. We also signed them up for Soccer and baseball! YIKES!! How are we going to do this? I have NO idea, but hopefully, they won't have too much conflict with games and practices.. Who knows..  So that pretty much takes up almost every evening this fall! LOL!! 

I have a speech therapy appointment for Preston Sept 3rd. He's having some issues and hard to explain over typing.  The Summer has flown by! School starts August 26th and we never got to do the Zoo , the Perot Museum and some other places. They will be wearing uniforms at Primrose's Private Pre-K class and I love it! Won't have to buy that many clothes! But I do need to buy them some new shoes! They go through shoes like crazy!!  I'm cheap when it comes with their shoes though. I do have some coupons for The Finish Line, but does anyone have any suggestions on wear to go?

I have a friend who is the Director of Communications at Six Flags over TExas and she provides us 4 tickets every year to go, so the boys are excited about that!

Gotta run, but here are some photos

Monday, August 05, 2013

August 5, 2013

Why can't things work out? Nothing is easy. Everyone is different. People don't understand. No one.  Life is so full of ups and downs.. You don't know this when your a kid. It's sucks. I envy my little boys who get upset over things that seem like such a big deal.  I laugh to myself. If they only knew what's it store. If they knew how much pain there is in the world. How much hatred... I hope they know they are loved no matter what from their mom and dad. Right now, mommy is the world to them. Not so much daddy, but I know that will change in the coming years and they will not want to go with me anymore but stay with daddy. It's nice to feel so cherished loved, 24/7.  They need you. They need your approval.

What do us as parents do? We try our best to teach them.. No one is perfect. I'll make mistakes and I know I've already have, but like my dad says, "All you can do is your best".   So I try to do my best most of the time and that's all I can do.

If you fail at things, you HAVE to move on. Otherwise you will be depressed and succeed at nothing.  So when life sucks, move on, think of the "great" things you DO have and strive to do better and know that you "know" better and be grateful.

My dad always said to me growing up that, "Life is not fair and Nothing is free". So true. The ball is in my court and I have control over me and how I am.. 

This is my learning lessons of my 34th birthday... Hopefully, by 35 next year.... things will be better.

Nice to have a blog to write things down sometimes....

On an exciting note, Hoping to visit Greece in 2014!!! Sister Trip is here upon us!!! 


Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Gosh! It's been so long!!

I was debating whether or not to ever write in this blog again.. Things are happening in my life that will hopefully be good , but can't discuss now.. Please send good vibes my way!

Chase and Preston are learning to swim! I'm so excited about this. They go to  private lessons with a lady at her home Tuesdays and Thursdays..  Every time they go they get better and better. I was so scared after that first week that they would NEVER want to swim. They were soooo scared!

We are awaiting my sister's wedding July 13th in Virgina Beach. We are turning it into a family vacation. We are so excited. This will be the boys first trip on an airplane and I know they will LOVE IT! Well, maybe Chase will be scared.. LOL! They will love the beach and ocean. I can't wait to see their reaction! 

I'm so ready to go on vacation too! We will be gone 6 days, 5 nights! Then I'm taking an extra day to just be at home and get stuff back together with the house. I mean you always need that right to recuperate.. The boys are now in Pre K 4  and every week at their school they go on field trips. The boys love it! So far, they have been to Putt Putt Golf, Chuck e Cheese and this week Cowboy Stadium! They will also be going to a bowling alley, Build a bear and a Jump house place. They are getting to be so big! They also will be wearing uniforms to school in the fall. That'll be awesome because it'll be so easy picking out clothes! LOL!  Count Down to Kindergarten!!

My weight goal I had at the beginning of the year up until my sister's wedding did not work out so well. As I was recovering from my bunionectomoy surgery, I started breaking out in hives BAD and I STILL think it has something to do with the metal screws in my foot not reacting right to my body.  I may get them removed because I'm still breaking out periodically, but NOTHING nearly as bad as in Jan-March this year. It was very stressful and basically didn't motivate me to work out or do anything because they were so each and uncomfortable.  Then once they subsided to a point, i started working out at the local gym and outside, but just never got into a routine. Then my foot was still swollen and I felt like maybe I should lay off it, so it "all" the swelling could go down.. So I'm trying to eat right and yes I forget that I took steroids a lot in Jan and Feb because of the hives and that also caused me to gain weight.  So I weigh currently the heaviest I've ever weighed (besides me being pregnant) I've ever been. :(  Instead of stress, I just try to watch what I eat and hopefully I'll just fall off one day! LOL!

Work is good and busy. The two other folks in my group have now left, so I'm the last one standing and I've only been here a little over a year! YIKES! Still like it though.

My husband is working hard and spending all of his time he's not working with the kids.  He's a good dad. :)

This fall we hope to purchase another car. I'm hoping for a used cross over SUV. Maybe Acadia, Infiniti JX( is what I really wan).  Then I'm hoping to take the boys to Disney land the week following Christmas. I dunno though. Where are going to find all thsi money! LOL!!

I may start updating this blog again. We'll see.

Adios for now.

Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year?!!!

I can't believe its' been so long! Time has really flown by and I have not been documenting it on this blog..  Oh well... But I wanted to give a recap of 2012!  Top 10 things that happened to me and my family

1) I left an old job and found my current awesome job at a Marketing Ageny that I LOVE!! I am so happy here!!

2) Traveled with my family to Little Rock Arkansas, for a Family Reunion!

3) Boys took 3 months of Swimming lessons, or was it 2?

4) My husband had much needed elbow surgery/scope to fixed his bent arm that was stuck!

5) Went to Vegas with some friends with out my kids! First time both of us left them for more than 1 night ever!! We left them for 3 nights with my parents!

6) I Ran my first 1/2 Marathon!! Dallas Metro PCS on Dec 9th!

7) I had a bunion -removed on my right foot.

8) The boys turned 4 years old!!!!!

9) It snowed on Christmas Day in DFW Area!!


Hello! 2013!!!

What's in store for the Jackson family this year?? Only time will tell! :)

 My niece and I
 At the Ranger Game
 After my 1/2 Marathon
 Pumpkin carving Day!
 Swimming Lessons
 Our weatherman and the boys
 making 7-up pound cake

 Snow day on Christmas Day!

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving

Hello! I don't even know why I post here anymore. No followers, no readers. It's okay though.

Oh here I am working on Tuesday and I thought since it was slow, I would catch yal up.

Preston and Chase are doing great and almost 4! They love to watch Football with Daddy and play soccer.  Their favorite shows are Super Why, Team Umizoomi and Bubble Guppies.

Chase's favorite foods:
Hotdogs, pork and beans, and favorite snack is Ritz crackers as of now. It changes month to month!

Chase loves to be silly tell you stories about what happened at school and what not. He also likes to for you to tell him how to spell certain names. Its so cute. He can Spell is name and almost write his name.  He knows the alphabet, knows how to count to 30. 

Preston loves the same shows, Preston loves to count and point out letters on signs and where ever. He can also count to 30, spell his own name and other kids too, write is name.  He loves playing soccer and watching football.    He loves to rationalize things in his mind. Asks lots of questions and always says, "but, but, but, but" etc.. So cute

The both like spiderman and power rangers. Love playing together and making up games. So cute. Preston and Chase love to help mommy in the kitchen and also love to help daddy clean.  They say please and thank you all the time. 

Preston is VERY Sensitive and gets mad easily if he's not 1st! Chase is easy going and doesn't mind not being first and just kind of laughs. :)

I'm having their birthday party early again this year at a Jump House place. Should be fun!

I run my first 1/2 marathon the following day on Sunday! Can't wait!

Then I'm having foot surgery 2 weeks after that! So it's a busy December!

Anyways, enjoy some pictures!

Friday, October 19, 2012

1/2 Marathon Training

Yes, I'm running the Metro PCS Dallas 1/2 Marathon on Dec 9, in Dallas Texas. I've been trying to do this since 2006. I know, lame right? What were my excuses? Very many!!

I'm about to scratch this off my bucket list! YAY! I'm training with a Marathon/1/2 Marathon training program that meets every Saturday at 6am.  Tomorrow is 9 miles.. :)

I'm also participating in my company's biggest loser. Winners get either an ipad, iphone 5 or new ipod. % of weight with guys and girls. I'm down 8.8lbs so far and it hasn't even been a week.

Pretty crazy!

Anyways, the boys are good, life is good and I'm starting to plan the boys 4th birthday party in December. I have a couple of places in mind,  but i need to act quick b/c places are booking up fast! :)

It's crazy that they are turning 4!! Where did the time go? I loved year 3 and can't wait to see what year 4 brings us.

The question is? Do i want a 3rd baby. I want a girl very badly.. I know my chances are 50/50, but man, if only it was garunteed. I have to get through my head that a baby is a baby and if GOD wants me to have a girl, It'll be a girl...

2013 may be a year of new baby! Stay tuned! LOL!

Monday, August 20, 2012

What's been going on since My Birthday. Well....

Preston said this morning that he didn't want to go to school and I said, well I have to go to work to get money so I can buy us a new "bigger" car.. As the boys would say and that seemed sufficient enough. We recently rented a Ford Expedition to our family reunion trip and then another crossover SUV for the trip to Houston and now , all they talk about is that they want mommy to drive a 'big' car now. :( I think they like the sitting up high part, i dunno.. Unfortunately, mommy and daddy are still trying to get their finances in order so, that won't be happening until Dec or late February. Will see.

So the boys got these new bunk beds about a month ago, and yes, they are still waking up in the middle of the night and coming to find me and hubby.. Well last night both of them stayed in their beds the WHOLE night. This has only happened 1 other time, so when I went to get Preston out of the bed, he told me "no". LOL!! I ignored that, picked him up, put him on the couch where Chase was(I had gotten Chase first) and when to the kitchen to finished their pancakes and orange juice. All of a sudden I hear Preston "fake crying/whining", he gets up and walks backs into his room and gets in his bed. And all is quiet. It was the funniest thing to see him do that b/c he was walking like he was mad he was up there and rather be in bed! LOL!!

So I just fed him his breakfast in bed and then he got up after that. Preston is very strong willed...

To be continued...

We had a relaxing weekend.. You know Dallas is "ground zero" for the West Nile Virus. I heard the other day on World News Tonight. I was like "ground zero!" LOL!!  So people aren't like NOT doing outdoor activities or anything, but its kind of crazy that the Dallas area has SO many cases.. I have to say, I did go buy some OFF for the kids yesterday before they went bike riding... :)

I straightened up the "new" guest room since the boys took over the existing one.  Still need some more furniture pieces and some more organization... The boys are now playing the "Wii" gaming system. They like the sport games..

We got a DOWN POUR of rain FInaly this weekend, so that was nice and our temps this week will all be below 100. It's nice to have 95 degree heat. Makes a difference.

A new outlet mall just opened this past weekend in time for "Tax Free Weekend" here in Texas.. They have everything I every wanted! :) I bought me a cute purple Kate Spade wallet with some birthday money I hadn't used yet. I am in Love with it. So maybe I'll get a purse to match.. One day..

Work is getting busy.... The boys start a new school next Monday. Same Daycare, just different location. This one is pretty much in my neighborhood and right down the street where the boys will be going to Elementary school.. So it all just works out. Hopefully. Tonight is meet the teacher night. I'm excited and I hope the boys will be excited too! I kind of mentioned it this weekend and this morning. Maybe once they see it, they will understand what's going on...

Monday, July 30, 2012


Just in case I don't get a chance to post tomorrow because it's my birthday, I wanted to post today.

So I made it another year! I'm 33 tomorrow! I went out with a small group of friends Saturday to this awesome restaurant called Eddie V's. It was a LOT of fun... Good food and great atom sphere..  Here at work tomorrow, my team is taking me out to lunch to my favorite place! You know it! Benihana's! Who hoo!! Then later my husband is getting a small cake from Kroger and him and the boys will sing happy birthday mommy and help me blow out my 33 candles. I might just put like 23.. We'll see! 

I ordered my new kitchen dining table last thursday from Ashley's Furniture. It's a Dark expresso type wood table that has "red" leather chairs. Trust me , its awesome! I got 6, because I just didn't want 4 because we always have company and our family my "grow" one day and where would the other child sit! We got a 5 year protection plan on it too! It'll help with these boys! It protects, pen marks, finger nail polish remover, any type of hot ring marks from hot food, cup rings, scratches or tears on the leather chairs... etc... It seemed actually worth it now than before with NO kids.. I'll love it and will post a pick when it gets delivered in two weeks! Hopefully sooner! :)

Hmmm.. What do I want to accomplish at 33?  I want to run a half marathon with my sister in December, I want to continue to be "conservative" with our money and NEVER go back to credit cards, I want to be a great teacher to my kids.. I want to be a more understanding wife with my husband, I want to be a great employee at my job, I want to continue to eat healthy and exercise regularly and I want to join a new church and start my boys in Sunday school.  Hopefully, I'll accomplish all these things..

I'm leaving you all with a photo of me before the dinner Saturday.. I got this dress at BCBG in Dillard's at their extra 40% off sale this past weekend. I'm SOOO glad I went in there b/c I haven't shopped at Dillard's in awhile, but I was destined to find this dress! It's so simple and I can't wait to wear it again! Oh and was a very affordable price if you've ever seen BCBG's prices.. Have a great week! This is before Eddie V's in Dallas Saturday.... Babysitter took the shot!

Friday, July 13, 2012

Okay, so Insanity DOES work? LOL!

Okay, so I decided to weigh myself this morning after not doing so for 3 weeks, due to NOT seeing the fast results I thought I would. (ha ha to myself), and I've lost 5 lbs!!!! May NOT be a lot to you all, but its just enough for me to stick to my life style eating change and continue, my hard workouts with Shawn T of Insanity! I also have to give credit to the Tropical Shakelogoy meal replacement shakes in the mornings..  So these next 4 weeks of Insanity get really tough (as I hear) with all the MAX interval training that I'll be doing.. So staying off the Sodas, sugars and carbs is working plus exercise, who would have guessed!? LOL!!

Today is a Happy Friday for me... I feel great, I've lost weight and its the weekend!! :)

The lesson I learned today is, don't be easily discouraged if stuff doesn't go your way as fast as you want it. It all takes work and motivation and just keep at it... It'll pay off!

Yal have a wonderful , safe weekend and until next time................................